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The House of Teak Shower Mat, Aksesoris Kamar Mandi

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13 / 12 / 2021
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1 Pcs


Bamboo fencing, indoor, outdoor furniture & home decoration
Telp / WA : +62.8122.797.567 / /

Detail The House Of Teak Shower Mat, Aksesoris Kamar Mandi

Wooden Teak Bath & Shower Mats
Teak Bath & Shower Mats Make your space safer and more comfortable with a teak wood floor mat from AquaTeak Wherever you place one, an AquaTeak teak shower mat is the perfect addition to your space. Naturally water resistant, each teak bath mat that we manufacture is promised to last for years. Pair it with your favorite style of teak shower bench in the family bathroom, or out on the patio door as an accent that keeps both water and dirt from coming inside. Made from Grade-A solid teak wood, every one of our teak wood accessories and furniture is guaranteed to last beautifully for years. Easy to clean and maintain, teak furniture is meant to endure the elements without the hassle that other wood furniture can bring. The features and benefits of teak wood mats include:
- Environmentally Friendly
- Waterproof and Weather-resistant
- Durability
- Versatility
- Quality Craftsmanship
- Beauty
- Variety
- Customizable
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