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Rattan Walking Sticks Overstock

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25 / 01 / 2022
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1 Pcs


Bamboo fencing, indoor, outdoor furniture & home decoration
Telp / WA : +62.8122.797.567 / /

Detail Rattan Walking Sticks Overstock

Kerajinan Rotan

Rattan Walking Sticks Overstock Sale : 8000 Pcs, Size Diameter 20 - 30 mm High 1100 mm We are Buying agent for rattan raw material located in Indonesia. Our rattan resources are from Indonesia. We provide raw material and also rattan crafts such as walking stick and Furnitures. From Indonesia we can only export finished products such as furnitures and crafts.

Currently we have ready stock 15 tons raw rattan with skin size 2 - 3 mm and log 3 meters. We are also able to provide core rattan and polished rattan as well raw rattan with skin with many different type and sizes.

Please visit 'dekorasia' with your search engine to see our detail contact.
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