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Black Bamboo Poles

Update Terakhir
11 / 08 / 2020
Min. Pembelian
500 Pcs


Bamboo fencing, indoor, outdoor furniture & home decoration
Telp / WA : +62.8122.797.567 / /

Detail Black Bamboo Poles

Manufacturer and Exporter of Black Bamboo Fences, Panels and Bamboo Poles since 1997. CLICK " DEKORASIA" WITH SEARCH ENGINE. Leading Biggest Manufacturer of Bamboo Panel located in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Producing Black Bamboo, natural bamboo and other types of bamboo for fencing, panels, Gazebo, and other crafts. Fully treatment with Environment Friendly Materials and experienced Exporting world wide with strong Fumigation procedure to enter all country include Australia who has strict rules of Bamboo Import Procedure. We use best materials of top coated to protect the black bamboo color from Fading and strict quality control before shipment. Producing in 2 factories with 4 chambers of kiln dry , oven , 2 chambers Sun roof finished product storages , involving more than 100 persons who fully covered with accident, Health Insurance include the family members. Dekor Asia LTD is 100% Indonesian Ownership Company with Professional Management . We also producing some other home deco made out of Nature Fibers with our mayor buyer is IKEA World wide. We produce : Black Bamboo Panel Black Bamboo Poles Black Bamboo pole Black Bamboo Fence Black Bamboo Fence Panel Bamboo Fence Bamboo Panel Bamboo Fence Panel Bamboo Indonesia Black Bamboo Indonesia Black Bambo Panel Indonesia Please click ‘ dekorasia” or ‘ Black Bamboo Indonesia” to see our web page or add our Skype , YM: dekorasia
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Address : Jl. Parangtritis KM. 8.4, RT 06, Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55186
Mobile, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessanger : +62-8122-797-567
Phone : (+62-274)6462931
Line : bambang_dekorasia
WeChat Id : Bambang_Dekor_Asia
SKYPE ID : dekorasia
Email : info(at) / dekorasia(at)
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